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Pregancy Tips

  1.  Look into CVS instead of Amnio
  2.  Make sure you take your 1000-1500mg Calcium every day - it's not in most prenatals & can get rid of leg cramps and maybe morning sickness. Besides, the baby will take what it needs, leaving you with osteoporosis if you don't.
  3.  Buy the book "She's Having a baby - I'm having a nervous breakdown"
  4.  Sign up at they have prenatal advice too, & coupons and more advice later
  5.  Have your husband rub Belly Basics or similar cream every single night to prevent stretch marks
  6.  Once you start getting bigger, get a body pillow to sleep with, it can go in between your knees to help you stay sleeping on your side, and eventually go under your tummy fo support.
  7.  Then try sleeping on the left side. Because your liver is on the right side of your abdomen, lying on your left side helps keep the uterus off that large organ.
  8.  Once you're even bigger, pregnancy support pantyhose can provide that extra lift in the belly panel that'll help you get thru' the day.
  9.  Don't waste money on prenatal bras, just buy the Nursing bras slightly larger in your 7-8th mo.
  10.  Get a waterproof cover for your mattress to go under your sheets, so if your water breaks in the middle of the night you won't ruin it & void your warranty.
  11.  Check your local hospital for the 3 courses : Lamaze, baby CPR, and breast feeding.
  12.  Your child may not believe they were inside you someday. Take new profile photo every week, then you can make a "flip book" showing you expand, or take a second of video every few days in the same pose for a cool movie. Don't forget to make your own "Demi Moore" picture-the pregnant body is beautiful, you'll want to remember it.
  13.  For your last month drink Raspberry tea for a quicker, easier delivery.
  14.  If your due date is near a holiday, many OBGYN's will pressure you into being induced so they can enjoy vacation. Say "no" and sign nothing, unless there's a good medical reason.
  15.  Get a breast pump, learn how to use it. Even if you don't breast feed, making the milk will help you lose the baby weight.
  16.  Getting toward that 40th week and had enough? Orgasms produce the hormone that triggers labor (it won't work too early, don't worry, enjoy yourself then too)
  17.  Nothing, matter what you think or feel in your non-male brain, I repeat nothing, is sexier to a man than to have sex with his 40 week,full of life, perfectly round & voluptuous wife.
  18.  Don't leave the hospital without your husband knowing 1)*exactly* how the breast pump works, 2)how to change a diaper 3)how to swaddle the baby.

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