Introducing The BriteSmile™

Professional Teeth Whitening Process
The revolutionary new way to whiten your teeth in about an hour.

You've never experienced anything like BriteSmile™
We use a proprietary new "blue light" technology and a gentle whitening gel to safely whiten your teeth in only one visit.

What do we mean when we say whiter?
Try eight shades whiter, on average, with no harm to enamel, gums, or fillings.

As one of the Willamette Valley's only BriteSmile™ associated dentists, you can trust that we're on the leading edge of dental and whitening technology. We're putting our patients' needs, and smiles, first. Ask us for more information or call for a free BriteSmile™consultation: 914-941-2000

How White Will My Teeth Get?
BriteSmile™ research teams have combined a gas plasma light technology with a new, wavelength- specific whitening chemistry to create an exciting, revolutionary new method of teeth-whitening. The proprietary delivery system and speedy procedure - which work on all teeth at once - whiten teeth of any shade to their optimum natural whiteness. In about one hour, your teeth will lighten, on average, up eight shades whiter!

Is it safe?
Yes! Clinical testing proves that BriteSmile'sTM procedure is not only effective, but also completely safe. According to the Director of Research at Colgate-Palmolive, "...clinical studies conducted at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey indicate that the procedure is safe, and will not soften tooth enamel or damage existing fillings, and is neither caustic nor corrosive." Researchers at New York University confirmed these findings.

How Will I Pay?
We are offering the new BriteSmile™ Whitening Sessions at a special introductory price. Call us now - the BriteSmile™ system isthe most time-efficient and whitening-effective method available, but costs less than laser whitening! Ask for Joyce or Cathi and don't forget to inquire about our payment plans.

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