Welcome to the DentistSpa
By dr
October 20, 2010
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Welcome to our new e-newsletter update! You may remember our past newsletters: nice, but too much at one time. I want this to be quick - less than a minute for you to read, and less than 10 minutes for me to write.
***We're once again doing our Halloween Candy Buyback, where I give you $1 per pound for candy, then donate the candy to our troops. Last year, after my interview on Fox Cable News, we collected over 500 pounds of candy! You can see the interview on our website www.DentistSpa.com where I've got more details. Feel free to tell friends, they can bring in candy the whole week after Halloween, let's break last years' record!
Well, my minute's just about up, write back with any suggestions for future topics, if you'd like more, less, or even just not to get this anymore. Happy October!