What Dental Implants Can Do for You

Are dental implants in your future? If you have lost one or more teeth, they should be because dental implants fully remake smile Dental-Implantsaesthetics and oral function. At Briarcliff Center for Esthetic Dentistry in Briarcliff Manor, Dr. Michael Teitelbaum and his team accomplish the dental implant process in-house. Whether you need one tooth replaced or an entire arch, they can help you restore your smile.


What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth composed of a titanium screw, metal post and porcelain crown. In his Briarcliff Manor office, Dr. Teitelbaum inserts the dental implant under the gums and into the jaw bone where the natural tooth previously was located.

After several weeks or months of bonding, the implant is ready to bear the pressures of biting and chewing. The dentist re-opens the site and bonds on the metal alloy extension post and porcelain crown.

What takes so long for the implant site to heal? Titanium implants and human bone adhere to each other through a process known as osseointegration. It strengthens supporting jaw bone, a feature unique to dental implants. Other dental prosthetics, such as traditional partial/full dentures and fixed bridges, work well to improve smile aesthetics and function, but they cannot stop bone degradation after tooth loss. Only dental implants can.


Other uses for dental implants

Dental implants may support multi-tooth prosthetics. Up to six dental implants may be inserted depending on jaw bone density and on the nature of the appliance itself. Implant-supported prosthetics:

  • Improve both hard and soft tissues
  • Provide unparalleled oral function
  • Look very realistic
  • Normalize speech
  • Stay in the mouth with no need for denture soaks or adhesives


Can you receive dental implants?

A careful review of your overall health, a thorough oral examination and some specialized imaging tell Dr. Teitelbaum if you're a good candidate. Most adults are. Sufficient underlying bone is important.


Find out more

Dental implant procedures are highly successful, and these artificial teeth last for many years, says the American Academy for Implant Dentistry.

To learn more, please contact Briarcliff Center for Esthetic Dentistry to arrange a consultation with our professional team. Call (914) 941-2000.

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